Decorative Concrete

Concrete is a great surface product and construction material and won't burden building owners with constant repair and maintenance costs. There are now many ways to style decorative concrete to look and feel natural.

Versatile, long-lasting and durable, concrete is a cost-effective, sustainable choice for both residential and commercial buildings.

Concrete is a building material that gains strength over time. It is durable, it resists weathering, erosion and natural disasters, needs few repairs and little maintenance.


All decorative and coloured concrete requires resealing to keep it looking it's best.

We can improve the look of your old UV damaged decorative coloured concrete by treating and resealing the surface.

Concrete sealers come in clear for coloured concretes, such as the slate Impression and exposed aggregate concrete.

Colour sealers are also available in which to re-coat plain and coloured concrete.

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